About ISU Logistics & Support Services

Logistics & Support Services is comprised of Central Stores, Central Receiving, ISU Surplus, Material Stores, Chemistry Stores, and Postal and Parcel Services. We specialize in sales, logistics, and asset management.

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Central Receiving Image

Central Stores

Housing over 6000 products, Central Stores is ready to meet your supply needs.

Central Receiving

Expecting a freight or parcel shipment? Need moving services? Central Receiving moves it all.

ISU Surplus Image

ISU Surplus

Need your university assets sold or recycled? Or looking to buy? Surplus does it all.

Chemistry Stores Image

Chemistry Stores

Discover a wide range of research, laboratory and chemical supplies at Chemistry Stores.

Postal and Parcel Services Image

Postal and Parcel Services

Postal and Parcel Services handles incoming mail, campus mail, and a variety of off-campus shipping and mailing.

Warehousing Image


Need to store items for future use? Warehousing has you covered.