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Issues ordering online? Email chemsto1@iastate.edu or visit us in person at 1400 Gilman.  

For non-stock items please email us or bring your order form into the Chemistry Store office and we will be happy to place it for you.

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General Information

Storeroom: 1400 Gilman 294-0203
Hours: 7:30AM to 4:00PM
Office: 1351 Gilman

Cut off times for dewars to be filled same day:

  • Large dewars (greater than 30L), need to be brought to the store by 2:30pm
  • Small dewars (less than 30L) by 3:30pm


Lot 25 - Chemistry Stores Customer Parking (2 spots) 


Lab coat cleaning service

Chemistry Stores offer a lab coat cleaning service to anyone needing their lab coat cleaned. Please bring your lab coat(s) into the Chemistry Store before Tuesday at 8 am. Normal service turn around is about a week.  You will be notified through email when your laundry is completed. Each dirty lab coat will need to be labeled(identified) in permanent marker.  Please contact the Chemistry Store at 515-294-0203 with any questions.

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Office - 1351 Gilman Hall

  • Special order placement/inquiries
  • Billing inquiries
  • Request for online catalog access

Manager: Mikayla Showers


Clerk: Diane Dearden


Storeroom - 1400 Gilman Hall

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(515) 294-0203  chemsto1@iastate.edu